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Breath By Breath: Presence & Silent Zikr

Abdur Rahman's Corner

Peace, one and all…

Our weekly Mevlevi zikr gathering opens with a communal reading of Surah al-Fatihah, the Opening Chapter of the Quran. We invoke God’s mercy together, and ask for guidance as we struggle along the Way. Once we have recited the Fatihah, we open ourselves to Divine presence in a silent zikr of La ilaha illa Allah (‘There is no god but God’).

With each out-breath we exhale La ilaha (‘there is no god’), letting go of our distractions and our preoccupations. We let go of every limitation, every shortcoming and every item of baggage that we have inadvertently brought with us into the circle. All of those worries and fears, all of those worldly concerns and pressing matters dissolve, like mist beneath the rising sun. By letting go, we surrender ourselves with each new out-breath. Each image that comes before our mind’s eye is gently released…

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